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California Catalogue Paintings

George Demont Otis - The Evening Herald, Los Angeles, 1926



George Demont Otis is pictured with three of his paintings of Southern California scenes which bring greater international recognition to Los Angeles art. At left is “The Waning Year,” which won honorable mention in the Western Painters’ exhibit at Chicago. At right is an “Old Spanish Home” near San Fernando mission. This picture is on exhibition at the Artland Club here. Below is “Women’s Club at Laguna Beach,” prize winner at the state fair.

Artist’s Pictures of Scenes Near L.A. Gain World Wide Recognition

Stimulus has been given Southern California art in gaining international recognition through the announ-cement that George Demont Otis has recently received a signal honor by having a canvas, which was exhibited at the thirty-ninth annual exhibit of the Society of American Artists at the Chicago Art Institute, purchased to hang in the Municipal Art Collection of the Chicago Art Institute.

George Demont Otis studied at the New York Academy of Design, New York Cooper Institute, Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago Art Institute, Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, John F. Carlson Institute, Walter Chute Studio, Chicago and others.

He lists among his memberships the following: Painters’ and Sculptors’ Club, Palette and Chisel Club, Chicago; Kit-Kat Club, New York; Cliff Dwellers, New York; Painters of the Forest Reserves, Chicago; Chicago Society of Artists, American Society of Artists, Western Artists, Chicago; Independent Society of Artists, Chicago; Independent Society of Artists, New York; Art Students league, Chicago; Glendale Art Association, Laguna Beach Art Association and Painters and Sculptors Club of Los Angeles.

Mr. Otis has paintings hanging in the following collections:

The noted Cheney Collection, New York; Kahn Collection, Chicago; Municipal Collection, Chicago Art Institute; Carnegie Collection, Colorado; Doheney Collection, Los Angeles; F. H. Freytag Collection, Los Angeles; Michael Cohen Collection, Chicago; Polacheck Collection, Chicago and New York; H. W. Johns Collection, Los Angeles; Anaheim Women’s Club; Ben Thorpe Collection, Corona; Uplifters Collection, Los Angeles; Elks Club, Meshenge, Michigan; Louis Collection, Beverly Hills; Bilberson Collection, Beverly Hills; Hachley Collection, Hollywood; Masonic Club, Tripp Collection and Lyons, Colorado.


Mr. Otis for many years has been showing California landscapes in exhibits throughout the world. He came to this state after having spent many years painting eastern and midwestern scenes. He has won many honors with his striking views of Colorado scenes, having spent more than a year in the Berkshire and White Plains Country, and in the Colorado Mountains, the wild inspiring scenes of which he faithfully put on canvas.

Mr. Otis’ Mountain scenes are considered exceptionally striking, the great sandstone cliffs and canyons and wild mountain effects give wonderful opportunity for color and life.

These paintings include the “Old Buena Mine” Long Peak, “Boulder Falls” and “Spirit of the Cliffs” which acquired its name because of a spirit likeness in the clouds in the background of the picture. This painting hangs in the Capitol building in Denver.

Mr. Otis came to Los Angeles to make a few paintings. He became enraptured with the wonderful climate, which permits outdoors painting the year around and found the scenery in Southern California the most beautiful he had seen in all his wanderings in America.


Commenting on the wonderful mountain ranges and attractive foliage near Los Angeles, Mr. Otis said he is interested to a marked degree, in Southern California because of the glorious places to paint that are not available elsewhere. “In other parts of the world an artist would have to travel thousands of miles to find as wide a range of subjects as we have within a few miles of Los Angeles.” Mr. Otis said today.

Mr. Otis is exhibiting at the Artland Club a painting of an old adobe house near the San Fernando Mission. A recently completed painting hanging in the Anaheim Library is typical of the picturesque coast line near Eslboa.

The old San Fernando house belonged to a Spanish nobleman and was considered a fine mansion in the early ‘80s. The structure was built by the early hand laboring type of Indian mason, the brick of the adobe being molded from the ground about which this huge building stands. The tremendous strength and durability of the casa proved the precision in construction, for it is still in a fair state of preservation.



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